Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rap-A-Lot Records

Mad CJ Mac - True Game [1995][Los Angeles, CA]
1. Intro
2. Let My Niggas Out Tha Pen
3. True Game
4. Come and Take a Ride feat Poppa LQ
5. Realism
6. Powda Puff
7. Losin' My Mind
8. Can't Cee Thee Ahh!
9. Tryina Survive
10. Trust No
11. Dead Man Walkin
12. Moment of Silence
13. I Can't Stand a Rat


My favorite west coast release on Rap-a-lot. My favorite joint is Come and take a ride where he gets help by former Rap-a-lot artist Poppa LQ. A true Banger!

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