Monday, February 25, 2008


Jake The Flake & The Flint Thugs [1996][Flint, Michigan]
1. Intro
2. Hold Yo Nuts
3. Fake As A Snack Cake4. Chromotose in the Brain
5. My Own Boss ft. Big D of The Hard Boyz
6. On The Edge
7. Bouncin To A Murder
8. Good Fella's ft. Bone Skanless
9. F.A.N.G ft. Shoestring & DFC
10. Ain't No Superman
11. Streets Is All I Know
12. Money, Mack, Murder ft. Bone Skanless
13. Payback's A Mutha Fucka
14. Them Niggaz Lucky

Rating: 18/20

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