Thursday, December 28, 2006

New York Food Special

Great BET sandwitch i ate close to union square 4/5

Taco Bell burrito & Tacos, worst food on the trip. 1/5

Popeyes chicken & biscuits, chicken wings & fries 3/5

Dunkin donuts, Chips, meat sandwitch & donuts 3/5

Great japanese food close to time square, Salmon fice n rice 4/5

Lumberjack breakfast at the seinfeld coffeshop: bacon, sausage, eggs, toast & pancakes! 3/5

Steak with mashed potatoes at Tads steaks 3/5

Cannoli on the Sopranos tour, really nice. Its not a dinner so i dont grade it.

Huge buffe, macaroni & cheese, fried onion rings, chicken wings, meatloaf, nudles, Idaho Potatoes, stuffed pasta shells, pepper steak, lobster balls, cheese sticks. I think i got it all hehe. 3/5

Wendys burger, 3 dollar for this meal is crazy. Really nice to! 4/5

Dallas BBQ, great place on time square, best food on the trip!
BBQ special, chicken, steak & ribs with bbq sauce & fries. 5/5
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