Saturday, October 21, 2006

Every weekend im going to make a list of things new and old, whatever i have been feeling this week.

21 oktober

records: Yung joc - New joc city
DJ Green Lantern And Ludacris - Pre Release Therapy
Dj Screw - southside still holdin
Willie Hutch - The mac
Swisha House Presents - The Day Hell Broke Loose 3

DVDs: American Pimp
The Mac
Southpark season 5
H-town underworld
X-files season 5

Videos: YoungBuck Ft JazzePha - I know U Want Me
SUC flow session at screws house
K-rino - the one
yung joc- i know you see it
Prodigy - Y E P

Honey of the week: Chicken n kalinka own favorite Buffie the body

Skateboard movie of the week: Es game of skate final 2006

Just in: Michael Watts coming to Oslo!!

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