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Joel Bryant, Jr 
Record Labels 

Bryant Records
Detroit, MI
Founder: Joel Bryant, Jr
(Producers: Duncan Hines, AWOL, K-Stone, Gangsta Pat, Joel Bryant Jr, DJ Ready Red)

Smiley - The Smile Gets Wild [1989]
Detroit's Most Wanted - Trick Of The Trades [1990]
Smiley - The Rhythm Of Life [1991]
Detroit's Most Wanted - Tricks Of The Trades Vol II The Money Is Made [1992]
K-Stone - 6.0.1 [1992]
Smiley - Lyrics By Smiley [1992]
A.W.O.L. - No Deal [1992]
Detroit's Most Wanted Many - Faces Of Death Vol. III [1993]
A.W.O.L. - What It Be Like [1993]
VA - BPI Soundtrack [1993]

Bryant Records was Joel Bryant, Jr's first record label, created in 1988. With Detroit legends like SmileyDetroit's Most Wanted (DJ Duncan Hines, Motsi Ski & MC Lee), K-Stone and A.W.O.L (The Last Soul Man, DJ Homicide and Boogie Mack) on his roster.

"I started my production company BPI, Bryant Productions Incorporated, my record label Bryant Records, and a publishing company, My Bryant Publishing. Everything became expensive because i was paying for knowledge and learning on the fly. We pressed up our first single on Eddie D called Cash Flowing. We released it locally. WGPR, a local radio station in Detroit, was playing our single every morning. The sales were not there but our company was getting notoriety. Now everybody wanted to be down with us."
(Joel Bryant, Jr from Behind These Green Eyes)

Rock-A-Fella Records 
Atlanta, GA & Detroit, MI
Founder: Joel Bryant, Jr
(Producers: Chris Roby, Joel H. Bryant, Ken Fambro, K2ISO, Todd Barron)

Convicted Felons - The Year Of The Ho Niggas Is Over [1993]
Splack Pack ‎– Uhh!! Ohh!! [1993]
A.W.O.L. - Detroit 4 Life [1994]
Convicted Felons - The Crookedest Crooks In The Country [1994]
Convicted Felons - Past & Present [1996]
Lil' Boy ‎– Hi' Di Ho [1996][Maxi Single]

Roc-A-Fella Records was created in 1993. With Ohio rap duo Convicted Fellons (Half Dead & Psycho 1), Bass group Splack Pack (Kidd Money, Head and Q Dog), ATL Bass rapper Lil Boy and A.W.O.L on the roster.

"I came up with the name of the new label from my aunt Regina because she and her husband use to call me Rockafeller all of the time so that had became my nickname. (A couple years later of course, Jay Z and Damon Dash formed a company with the same name. Mine was registered in 1993, which means those posers stole my name.)"
(Joel Bryant, Jr from Behind These Green Eyes)

Push Play Records
Atlanta, GA & Detroit, MI
Founder: Joel Bryant, Jr
(Producers: Motsi, Swift, Saint La Paul, DJ Wen, Cut Master Swiff)

The Boom Boyz, - The Bottom [1994]
Detroit's Most Wanted - Bow The Fuck Down [1994]
Gank Move - Come In To My World [1994]
K-Stone - 313 [1994]
Kaos - Doin Time On Earth [1994]
Detroit's Most Wanted - The Early Years [1995]
Hard Todd - Married To The Game [1995]
Detroit's Most Wanted - Ghetto Drama [1996]

Push Play Records was created in 1994. With Detroits Gank Move (KO-Kill & Bango), Memphis rapper Hard Todd, Atlantas Kaos (Saint La Paul & Shamar), ATL Bass group The Boom Boyz (M.C. Cal-D., Eazy-C., Lieutenant Chill & Dj Pace aka Mixzo) and Detroit veterans DMW and K-Stone on the roster.

"Our first release under our new distribution company, which we named BEG (Bryant Entertainment Group), was Detroit's Most Wanted's Bow The F Down. We released the album under our newly formed Push Play Records, another one of our record labels."
(Joel Bryant, Jr from Behind These Green Eyes)

Bryant/Roc-A-Fella/Push Play compilation

Side A
1. Convicted Felons - C.F. Don't Give A Fuck
(The Crookedest Crooks In The Country, 1994)
2. Smiley - Smiley But Not Friendly
(The Smile Gets Wild, 1989)
3. Detroit's Most Wanted - Put The Niggas To Sleep
(Trick Of The Trades, 1990)
4. Hard Todd - River City G's
(Married To The Game, 1995)
5. The Boom Boyz - Fort Gaines
(The Bottom, 1994)
6. K-Stone - 6.0.1.
(6.0.1., 1992)
7. A.W.O.L. - Dreaming
(No Deal, 1992)
8. Convicted Felons - Sherm
(The Crookedest Crooks In The Country, 1994)
9. Detroits Most Wanted - Life For A Life
(Ghetto Drama, 1996)
10. Gank Move - Be Alright
(Come In To My World, 1995)

Side B
11. Detroits Most Wanted - All About Ya Yo
(Tricks Of The Trades Vol II The Money Is Made, 1992)
12. Splack Pack - Let Me C-Ya Work It (Bitch)
(Uhh!! Ohh!!, 1993)
13. K-Stone - 313
(313, 1994)
14. Kaos - Weekend Fling
(Doin Time On Earth, 1994)
15. Gank Move - Real Niggaz and OG's
(Come In To My World, 1995)
16. Hard Todd - O.G. Player
(Married To The Game, 1995)
17. A.W.O.L. - Return of B Mack & Soul Man
(Detroit 4 Life, 1994)
18. Convicted Felons - G's For Life
(The Year Of The Ho Niggas Is Over, 1993)
19. Smiley - It's A Bud Thang
(The Rhythm Of Life, 1991)
20. Detroits Most Wanted - Keep Holding On
(Faces Of Death Vol. III, 1993)

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