Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kut-N-Kru Records
Denver, CO
Founder: Gary "Scratch G" Martinez
(Producers: Gary "Scratch G" Martinez, Sol Powa, Lett Loose, Kid Gee, Dog City Productions,)

Kut N Kru – Dj On Fire [1992]
Hydro Bass - Natural Born Illers [1994]
Kut N Kru – Bedroom Boom [1994]
Mike D Chill – Straight Pimp Shit [1994]
Apostle – The Chosen One [1995]
D-Town – Humps For The Trunks [1995]
F.Y.P.A. – DK All Day [1995]
Central Style Sound – The Funk Is My Crime [1996]
Illustrate – Summons Of A Soldier [1996]
Pure Devocion – When I Roll [1996]
44th Street Thugs - It’s On [1997]
D Boss – Still On Hit [1997]
Aset 1 – Huntin Ceason [1998]
Central Style Sound – Bounce 2 This [1998]
Pure Devocion – Years Of Tears [1998]
Tha L.O.C. & DJ Hex – Double Exposure [1998]
Comatose Syndicate – Welcome To Eternity [1999]
Ill 7 Riders – Ill7 Riders [1999]
Kut N Kru – Night Breed [1999]
Lyrical Mersinaries – Gangstaz Autograph [1999]
M.I.G. & Crook – Inda-Skize [1999]
THC (Tres Hard Cartel) – My Worlds On Fire [1999]
Mr. Noze – Nobody Knowz [2000]
Underestimated – Getting It Off My Chest [2000]
SBD – Sylent But Deadly [2001]
Hard Block – The Compilation [2003]
Sista D – Rapstarr [2003]
SBD – Tha Mixx-A-Lation [2006]

Kut-N-Kru Records Compilation

Side A
1. Kut N Kru - Dk All Day
(DJ On Fire, 92)
2. F.Y.P.A. - Low Key Gangsta
(DK All Day, 95)
3. Underestimated - Who Could It Be
(Getting It Off My Chest, 00)
4. T-Nutt TBG - Black 64
(D-Town - Humps for the Trunk, 95)
5. Central Style Sound - Too Many Triggers
(Funk Is My Crime, 96)

Side B
1. Hydro Bass - Evil Side
(Natural Born Illers, 94)
2. 44 st Thugs - It's On
(It's On, 97)
3. Pure Devocion - Criminal On A Mission
(When I Roll, 96)
4. Mike D Chill - Bad Muthafucka
(Straight Pimp Shit, 94)
5. Kut N Kru - Deadly Styles
(Ill 7 Ridaz, 99)


Kut N Kru was founded in the early 90's by a local DJ/producer in Denver named Gary "Scratch G" Martinez. The label made a big impact on the local rap scene in Denver with artist like Apostle, Hydro Bass, Mike D. Chill, Pure Devocion, Central Style Sound, F.Y.P.A. (Fuck Yo Punk Ass) etc.


Anonymous said...

This is a tight post homie. I've seen that collage before but you added a few covers on that weren't there before. I can get you the cover to apostles tape if you'd like. Do you own all these CD's or just rips? I'm still looking to hear D-boss Still on hit. You dont got that do you homie?

JB said...

Thanks appreciate it, a cover for the apostle tape would be dope! Sorry only rips, i wish i had some Kut-N-Kru albums in my tape collection, but i can't afford paying 100-300 dollars for one album. Never heard D-Boss - Still On Hit, seems almost impossible to find.

jessievert said...

can i get a couple rip