Monday, March 12, 2012

Central Style Sound - The Funk Is My Crime [1996][Denver, CO]
1. Hard 2 Handle
2. Too Many Triggers (Feat Tha L.O.C.)
3. G-up
4. Servin 20s
5. Funk Is My Crime
6. Bustin Loose (Feat Shawn Morris)
7. Mile High Funk
8. The Alcoholigist


Tight G-funk release by Central Style Sound (Kid Fresh & B.R.) out of Denver. This is their debut album released on Kut N Kru Records in 1996. Produced by Kid Fresh and B.R. for Dog City Production.

Funk Is My Crime


Loc[n]Rolla said...

stunning flow i just heard their second lp bounce 2 dis groovier these two sure have a special and dark definition of beatmaking luv it

JB said...

Yeah great sound, probably the best group from Kut-N-Kru.