Monday, January 03, 2011

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - The New Beginning

1. Another Riot (Remix) II
2. Pimps
3. Murder Money
4. Bad Day (feat Bigg Time)
5. Fall Up In The Crib
6. Untouchable (feat Alexus)
7. Maf Like The Mafia
8. Still Hustlin
9. Break Ya Self
10. On The Dance Floor
11. My Sistaz
12. Bigg Ballin (Remix)
13. Yall Niggaz Ain't No Killa (feat Bigg Time & The Bomb Squad)
14. Pass It Up


This was Kingpin Skinny Pimp's first release with new music after he left prophet entertainment/Hypnotize minds in 96, after his classic album King Of Da Playaz Ball. Dirty/dark/shake junt music from North Memphis. Produced by Total chaos, LA Dre & SMK. Released on Atlanta based 40 Street Records in 98.

Maf Like The Mafia

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