Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pharoah - Six Foot Giant [1997][Houston, TX]

1. Get Paid
2. Struggling For Sanity
3. Pressure Be Pumpin (feat Burton Boyz)
4. They Gonna Learn
5. Whatcha Gonna Do
6. Six Foot Giant
7. About Being Woke
8. Rock Rock A Bird
9. Watch Dog (feat Burton Boyz)
10. On Top Of My Game
11. Pissed Of In The Mind (feat Burton Boyz)
12. X2C


Throwed album by Street Military, Burton Boyz, SPC & Killa Klan member Pharoah. One of the rawest rappers from the 3rd coast. Icey Hott, Klondike Kat, Louis Gabrielle & G-Rapp does the production. Released on Beatbox Records in 97. Free Pharoah!

Video: Strugglin For Sanity

Rock Rock A Bird

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