Sunday, May 16, 2010

LOWC - Big Ballin [1995][Nashville, TN]

1. Transaction
2. Comin' up Quick
3. Bake 2 Tha Lab
4. When the SH! Blows Over
5. Handlin' Business
6. Chuck's House
7. Layin' in Tha Cut
8. Grab the D#?!
9. Big Ballin'
10. Livin' Like Animal
11. Dearly Departed
12. Once Again It's On
13. Fresh Out
14. Blak & The Homack


Dope record by Nashvile rap group LOWC, Blak n HoMack kick the rhymes and Dayz does the beats. High quality production all the way thru Big Ballin, with an original sound perfect for Blak n HoMacks flow. Released on NVM Records in 95.

Livin Like Animal

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