Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tommy Wright III - On The Run [1996][Memphis, TN]

1. Info (Intro) (feat DJ Squeeky)
2. Take a Chance (feat Playa Fly)
3. Getting Crunk
4. On the Run (feat K-Roc)
5. Royally (feat Playa Fly)
6. Thuggish Ruggish Bustaz
7. Do Or Die (feat Dirty Red)
8. Fuck All Yall (feat Willett Klick)
9. Die Nigga Die (feat Mr. Tinimaine)
10. Angry Souls (Feat Playa Fly)
11. Amnesia (Feat Lil Blunt)
12. Havin' Thangs (Feat Mac T-Dog)
13. Psycho Sounds (Feat Playa Posse)
14. Manslaughter (Feat Mr. Tinimaine)
15. Gangsta Forever (Feat La Chat & Playa Fly)
16. Last Alternative (Feat La Chat)


Classic 96 release by Street Smart Records CEO Tommy Wright III. Tommy spit rhymes like a machine gun over some get buck/Memphis devil shit produced by Tommy Wright & DJ Squeeky, with dope features by a bunch of M-Town favorites like Playa Fly and La Chat.

Favorite Joint: Take a Chance (feat Playa Fly)


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grymt album!

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