Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Click - Down & Dirty [1993][Vallejo, CA]
  1. Lets Get Drunk
  2. On a Mission
  3. Ballers (feat Mugzi)
  4. Street Life" (feat Kaveo & Mugzi)
  5. Mic Check
  6. Mr. Flamboyant
  7. Tramp Dogs
  8. Old School" (feat Little Bruce)
  9. The Shit That Will Mess Up Your Brain
  10. She Was Only 16
  11. Tired of Being Stepped On" (feat Levetti)
  12. Sohabs
  13. Daily Routine
  14. Clicks Concert
  15. Porno Star" (featuring Kaveo)
  16. Party in the V-Town
  17. You Fucked Up When You Slammed My Motha
  18. Lets Side


OG Sick Wid It Release from 93, The Click´s (E-40,B-Legit,D-Shot,Suga T) innovating flow and slang mixed with old school Mobb Beats is always a great recipe for music. The production is mainly done by Studio Ton & Mick Mosley.

Video: Tired Of Being Stepped On
Favorite Joint: Lets Get Drunk


hugowittorf said...

Lets Get Drunk!!!
Jag har i perioder varit besatt av den låten.. Antagligen min favoritlåt om alkohol någonsin. "I'm stiffer than a door knob, I do the job"..

Det här är mitt favorit Click album helt klart...

JB said...

Håller med riktigt bra, finns inte mycket som slår kombinationen lets get drunk och en flaska vodka!
Har dock game related som favorit album, 95 mobb soundet, men det är en jämn match.