Saturday, August 01, 2009

Pastor Troy - We Ready I Declare War [1999][Atlanta, GA]

1. It's Too Late Now, We Ready
2. No Mo Play in G.A.
3. Stop Tryin
4. Help Me, Rhonda
5. For Survival
6. We Want Some Answers
7. Above The Law
8. Eternal Yard Dash
9. I Declare War
10. It's On Down Here
11. Livin' Today Thru
12. Ain't No Sunshine


PT Declare war with Master P (No Limit) and goes for the knockout. One of the hardest crunk records from the state of Georgia, fire lyrics and some of the crunkest beats commin out of ATL.

Favorite Joint: No Mo Play in G.A.
Rating: 18/20

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