Saturday, August 08, 2009

I.M.P. - Ill Mannered Playas [1996][San Francisco, CA]

1. The Last Breath
2. Boss Mackin
3. Bay nigga
4. Public Execution
5. Shinini Star
6. Don't Get It Twisted
7. The Bay Way
8. Wild Ass West
9. No Witneses
10. Boots Laced Tight
11. Jealousy
12. Protect What You Hustle Fo
13. Tell Me Somethin Good (remix)


""bay luv niggaz run this streets, fuck hollerin peace, my piece is black and its aimed at the police" - Boots Laced Tight (Cougnut)

I.M.P.(Cougnut, C-Fresh, Hitman Sting, Lou-E-Lou and Rob V) released this in 96, my all time favorite record. Great story telling and game spitting by the rap kings of the 415. Ill Mannered Playas got some of the greatest production ever, amazing mobb beats by Rob V, TC, Hitman Sting, Reg, Cougnut, Race and The Enhancer.
R.I.P. Cougnut The Rebel

Favorite Joints: No Witneses & Wild Ass West
Videos: Up coming Mobb Legacy DVD ( Cougnut - No Witnesses)
Rating: 20/20

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