Monday, July 21, 2008

West Coast
Above the law - Uncle Sam´s Curse [1994][Pomona, CA]

1. Return Of The Real Shit featuring Kokane
2. Set Free
3. Kalifornia featuring Kokane
4. Concreat Jungle
5. Rain Be For Rain Bo featuring Kokane
6. Everything Will Be Alright featuring Kokane
7. Black Superman
8. The 'G' In Me
9. Uncle Sam's Curse
10. One Time Two Many
11. Who Ryde featuring Kokane & Tone Loc
12. Gangsta Madness featuring Kokane


A True West Coast banger, Cold 187um does some of his finest produktion on this one. Props to dj screw for putting me on to this album. Gangsta Madness feat Kokane is the greatest track.

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