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 Rap-A-Lot Records Part 7 1996

Founder: James Smith aka j Prince
Houston, TX
Producers: O.G. Dewey, N.O. Joe, Crazy C, John Bido, Mike Dean, Tony Randel, Reddy Red,  Darrell Williams, James Foster, James Smith, Michael Banks, Troy "Pee Wee" Clark, Brad Jordan, Leroy "Precise" Edwards, Mark "Too Cool" Marine, Uncle Eddie, Richard Nash, Andre Barnes aka 007, Eric Taylor aka E-Rock, Grizz, CJ Mac, Mad, Hangmen 3.  Swift, Gregory Jackson, The Legendary Traxter....

Various - 10th Anniversary - Rap-A-Lot Records
The Almighty RSO - Doomsday: Forever RSO [1996]
Facemob - The Other Side of the Law [1996]
Do or Die - Picture This [1996]
Ganksta N-I-P - Psychotic Genius [1996]
Geto Boys - The Resurrection [1996]
3-2 - The Wicked Buddah Baby [1996]

Rap-A-Lot Mix 1996
1. Facemob - Millions
[The Other Side of the Law]
2. 3-2 - Comin Down
[The Wicked Buddah Baby]
3. Do Or Die - Po Pimp (Feat Johnny P & Twista]
[Picture This]
4. Geto Boys - The World Is A Geto
[The Resurrection]
5. Ganksta N-I-P - Slaughterhouse
[Psychotic Genius]
6. The Almighty RSO - Forever RSO
[Doomsday: Forever RSO]
7. Facemob - Respect Rude
[The Other Side of the Law]
8. Geto Boys - Geto Fantasy
[The Resurrection]
9. 3-2 - My Sweet Trick
[The Wicked Buddah Baby]
10. Do Or Die - Kill Or Be Killed
[Picture This]
11. Ganksta N-I-P - Goin To Da Death
[Psychotic Genius]
12. The Almighty RSO - Mix of Action
[Doomsday: Forever RSO]

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