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 Rap-A-Lot Records Part 5 1994

Founder: James Smith aka j Prince
Houston, TX
Producers: N.O. Joe, Crazy C, John Bido, Mike Dean, Tony Randel, Reddy Red,  Darrell Williams, James Foster, James Smith, Michael Banks, Troy "Pee Wee" Clark, Brad Jordan, Leroy "Precise" Edwards, Mark "Too Cool" Marine, Uncle Eddie....

5th Ward Boyz - Gangsta Funk
Odd Squad - Fadanuf Fa Erybody!!
Trinity Garden Cartel - Don't Blame It on da Music
Blac Monks - Secrets of the Hidden Temple
Seagram - Reality Check
Big Mello - Wegonefunkwichamind
Big Mike - Somethin' Serious
Scarface - The Diary
Tim Smooth & Too Cool - Straight Up Drivin’ Em

Rap-A-Lot Mix 1994
1. Trinity Garden Cartel - Don't Blame It on da Music
[Don't Blame It on da Music]
2. Big Mike - Havin Thangs (Feat Pimp C)
[Somethin' Serious]
3. Blac Monks - Buddha Nature (Swift's Remix)
[Buddah Nature 12 single]
4. Big Mello - Wegonefunkwichamind
5. Scarface - Hand of The Dead Body (Feat Devin The Dude & Ice Cube)
[The Diary]
6. 5th Ward Boyz - Once Again It's On
[Gangsta Funk]
7. Odd Squad - Da Squad
[Fadanuf Fa Erybody!!]
8. Seagram - Where Do We Go
[Reality Check]
9. Tim Smooth & Too Cool - Sleeping With The Enemy
[Straight Up Drivin’ Em]
10. Trinity Garden Cartel - Play lil Funky
[Don't Blame It on da Music]
11. Big Mello -Dat Killa
12. Big Mike - Playa, Playa
[Somethin' Serious] 
13. Scarface - I Seen a Man Die
[The Diary]
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