Monday, May 25, 2015

Chicken-N-Kalinka Vol. 21 [Mac Dre] 

Side A
Giggin (Feat Mac Mall, Rydah & J, Klyde)
(Mac Dre & Mac Mall - Da U.S, Open, 2005)
Uninvited (Feat Louie Crew)
(The Rompalation, 1996)
Im A Thug
(Rapper Gone Bad, 1999)
My Alphabets (Feat Suga Free)
(The Genie Of The Lamp, 2004) 
2 Hard 4 The Fuckin Radio
(Young Black Brotha, 1989)
Dipped When You See Me
(Al Boo Boo, 2003)
King Nickys (Feat Andre Nickatina)
(Pill Clinton, 2007)
Grown Shit
(Al Boo Boo, 2003)
Life's A Bitch
(Stupid Doo Doo Dumb, 1998)
Not My Job
(The Genie Of The Lamp, 2004) 

Side B
The Mac Named Dre
(Thizzle Washington, 2002)
Crestside Throw (Feat Los, Reek Daddy & Snipes)
(The Rompalation II - An Overdose, 1999)
Young Mac Dre (recorded live from Fresno county jail)
(Young Black Brotha, 1993)
Early Retirement 
(The Genie Of The Lamp, 2003) 
Feelin Myself
(Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics, 2004)
Iz Real (Feat Messy Marv)
(It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It, 2001)
Take Of Your Clothes (Feat Bavgate)
(Welcome To Thizz World, 2005)
California Livin
(California Livin, 1991)
Since 84
(Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics, 2004)
Genie Of The Lamp
(Al Boo Boo, 2003)

Compilation of songs by Andre Hicks aka Mac Dre

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fan va fett! ser ut som en fin blandning /terch ;P