Saturday, August 09, 2014

Inner-City Records/Inner City 2K
Marcel "Cellski" Wade
San Francisco, CA
(Producers: Cellski, Chess, Davey D, Dug Infinite, Droop-E) 

Inner-City Records
Young Cellski aka 2 Took - Inner City Life [1992]
Young Cellski - Livin In The Bay [1994] (Single)
Young Cellski - Mr. Predicter [1995]
Young Ed - Time To Stack [1996]
Cellski - Canadian Bacon & Hash Browns [1998]
Cellski - The Collection [2000]
Cellski - Mafia Moves [2001]
Inner City 2K
Cellski - Inner City Life (The Lost EP) [1992/2002]
Baldhead Rick - Thug Continent [2004]
Cellski & Killa Keise - Little Big & Big Mafi [2004]
Killa Keise - Turfed Out [2005]
Cellski - Mr. Predicter 2 [2006]
Cellski - Chef Boy Cellski's Culinary Arts Institution [2009]
Cellski - Big Mafi The Don [2011]
Mixtapes etc

Inner City compilation

Side A
Young Cellski - Peep Game (Feat Lil Swoop)
(Mr. Predicter, 1995)
Young Ed - Lavish
(Time To Stack, 1996)
Killa Keise - In My Time
(Turfed Out, 2005)
Cellski - Hoestories (Feat S.B. & Dirt Bag)
(Canadian Bacon & Hash Browns, 1998)
Baldhead Rick - Murder In The First
(Thug Continent, 2004)
Cellski - Roll Yo Vogues (Feat SB & Baldhead Rick)
(The Collection, 2000)
Killa Keise & Cellski - All My Niggas Ballin
(Little Big & Big Mafi, 2004)
Cellski - Tatoos and Tounge Rings (Feat Cougnut)
(Mafia Moves, 2001)
Young Ed - My Way
(Time To Stack, 1996)
Young Cellski - Stressed Out (Feat Baldhead Rick, S.B. & Lil Swoop)
(Mr. Predicter, 1995)

Side B
Killa Keise - You Aint Me (Feat Sann Quinn)
(Turfed Out, 2005)
Young Cellski - Livin In The Bay
(Mr. Predicter, 1995)
Cellski - Deeper
(Canadian Bacon & Hash Browns, 1998)
Killa Keise & Cellski - Ballout
(Little Big & Big Mafi, 2004)
Young Ed - Caught Up
(Time To Stack, 1996)
Cellski - Ground Patrol
(The Collection, 2000)
Baldhead Rick - Remember The Times
(Thug Continent, 2004)
Cellski - Fat Boy
(Chef Boy Cellski's Culinary Arts Institution, 2009)
Killa Keise - Shake Dem Dreads
(Turfed Out, 2005)
Cellski - Thyck Girls
(Mafia Moves, 2001)

Hailing from the Lakeview neighborhood of San Francisco. Cellski rapper/producer founded Inner City Records in 1992 with the release of his debut EP Inner City Life.  Young Ed from The Cartel , Baldhead Rick from UNLV and Killa Keise RIP released records on Inner City.


Unknown said...

Please can you re-up this compilation? Sounds great on the soundcloud. Thank you for taking the time to put these together.

Unknown said...

Thank you for helping but I still have a problem! When i go on the rapidgator page to download the compilation, the countdown goes to zero like it should. But instead of generating a captcha code that I would then input to download it, the page just reloads itself!

Check for yourself, don't know maybe it is a problem with the browser I am using but I have had that issue with some other stuff you have put up before.

JB said...

Strange it works for me. Here you have another link:!2NdimYRb!DBM-0WSZj8AazmbSwU3xQl4JfdqwQJG33vSfxGb442s
I will probably switch to Mega in the future.

Unknown said...

Thank you, much appreciated and I look forward to your future compilations.