Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Dayton Family - What's On My Mind? [1995][Flint, MI]

1. Sound Effectz 
2. Smoke for Free 
3. I'm a Gee 
4. Potato Chip 
5. Oxydol 
6. Watch Yo Ass 
7. Nutty Niggaz 
8. Dope Dayton Ave 
9. Sound Effectz 
10. Flint Niggaz Don't Play 
11. Thru a Thang 
12. Billy Blunt 
13. What's on My Mind 
14. Flint Town 

 Classic debut album by Dayton Family (Shoestring, Bootleg & Ghetto-E) from Flint, Michigan. Produced by Steve Pitts. Released on Po'Broke Records/SMG/Relativity in 1995.



Bonus: The 600 W Dayton Family - DOA 

(Banned track from this 1994 version of Whats On My Mind?, dissin another rap group from Flint called DOA, it was banned from the official release because they talked about killing their probation officer)

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