Thursday, October 11, 2012

G.W.K Records
Los Angeles, CA
Founder: Havoc
(Producers: Prodeje, Havoc, Jam-O-Rama, DJ Grip, Tootie, Ant Banks, G$ Money, Gangsta Made Productions, Havikk The Rhime Son, Tomie & Rob, Talk Box)

South Central Cartel - South Central Madness [1991]
Havoc & Prodeje - Livin' In A Crime Wave [1993]
Havoc & Prodeje - Kickin Game [1994]
South Central Cartel - N' Gatz We Truss [1994]
Murder Squad - S.C.C. Presents Murder Squad Nationwide [1995]
Sh'Killa - Gangstrez From Da Bay [1996]
Young Murder Squad - How We Livin' [1996]
Havoc & Prodeje - Truez Neva Stop [1997]

G.W.K. Records compilation

Side A 
1. South Central Cartel - Ya Getz Clowned
(South Central Madness, 1991)
2. Murder Squad - No Peace
(S.C.C. Presents Murder Squad Nationwide, 1995)
3. Sh'Killa - Creep Wit My Chrome (Feat Havikk The Rhymeson)
(Gangstrez From Da Bay, 1996)
4. Havoc & Prodeje - On A Mission
(Livin' In A Crime Wave, 1993)
5. Young Murder Squad - YMS in Da Cut
(How We Livin', 1996)

Side B
6. South Central Cartel - Servin Em Heat
( N' Gatz We Truss, 1994)
7. Havoc & Prodeje - Eastsider
(Truez Neva Stop, 1997)
8. Murder Squad - 187 Squad
(S.C.C. Presents Murder Squad Nationwide, 1995)
9. South Central Cartel - U Gotta Deal wit Dis (Gangsta Luv)
(South Central Madness, 1991)
10. Havoc & Prodeje - G'z On Da Move
(Kickin Game, 1994)
G.W.K. (Gangstas Wit Knowledge) is a Los Angeles based label founded by Havoc and his group South Central Cartel in the early 90's. With classic albums like South Central Madness, Kickin Game and N' Gatz We Truss, G.W.K. released some of the best rap music in southern California. Besides South Central Cartel, Sh'Killa from Oakland and Young Murder Squad (Gangsta Reese, Gerwayne Tillman & Young Money) was part of the roster.

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