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Big Boy Records
New Orleans, LA
Founder: Charles "Big Boy" Temple & Leroy "Precise" Edwards
(Producers: Leroy "Precise" Edwards, David "D-Funk" Faulk, Brian "Big Bass" Gardner, Sinista, T. Bone, Colin England )

Black Menace - Really Doe [1993]
Partners-N-Crime – PNC [1993]
G-Slimm - Fours Deuces & Trays [1994]
Mystikal - Mystikal [1994] 
MVP – In The projects [1994]
Silky – Bouncing in a 6-Tray [1994]
Sporty – Jackin for bounce [1994]
Black Menace - Say, David [1995]
Black Menace - Drama Time [1995]
Fiend - Won't Be Denied [1995]
Ghetto Twinz - Surrounded by Criminals [1995]
Partners-N-Crime – PNC 3 [1995]
Partners-N-Crime - Pump Tha Party (Puttin' In Work) [1995]
Sporty-T - It's All Good [1995]
Elaté - Elaté [1996]
Insane - Camp 4 Life [1996]
J-Dawg - Smokin' & Rollin' [1997]
J-Dawg - The Dawg House [1997]
Sporty-T – Street Soldier (Respect it or check it) [1997]
VA - The Compilation Album - We G's [1997]
Da Block Burnaz - Overheated [2004]
VA - Big Boy Records - Greatest Hits [2004]
Dangerfield - Dangerfield [2005]
Hardhead - Hardhead [2005]
Jay Da Menace - I Could Hold My Own [2007]

Big Boy Records compilation

Side A
1.Sporty T - Big Balla (Feat Boot Camp Clicc)
(Jackin for bounce, 94)
G-Slimm - Four's, Deuce's, & Trays
(Fours Deuces & Trays, 94)
J-Dawg - Smokin' And Rollin'
(Smokin' & Rollin', 97)
Ghetto Twinz - Sho No Luv
(Surrounded By Criminals, 95)
Fiend - The Baddest M.F. Alive
(Won't Be Denied, 95)

Side B
Mystikal - Y'all Aint Ready Yet
(Mystikal, 95)
Silky - Keep Ya Hands Down Nigga
(Bouncing in a 6-Tray, 94)
Partners-N-Crime - Let the Good Times Roll
(P-N-C 3, 95)
Black Menace - Family
(Drama Time, 95)
Insane - I Got It In Me (Feat Boot Camp Clicc)
(Camp 4 Life, 96)

New Orleans based label founded in 1993 by Charles "Big Boy" Temple & Leroy "Precise" Edwards. Big Boy was built on DJ Precise's production and the Boot Camp Clicc's rapping. Sporty-T, Partners-N-Crime (Kangol Slim, Misdemeanor & Prime Time), Silky, Black Menace (J-Dawg, Threat and DJ Laz), G-Slimm, Mystikal, Insane, MVP, Fiend and Ghetto Twinz (Tonya & Tremethia Jupiter) did some of their finest work on Big Boy. The label was active between 1993-1997, with a minor comeback in 2004 with new artist like Hardhead, Dangerfield, Da Block Burnaz and old timer J-Dawg (now known as Jay Da Menace). Read about the history of Big Boy, the beef with Cash Money and more in this brilliant post by Eric Brightwell.  

Big Boy records video collection

More info: David "D-Funk" Faulk, Big Boy records special at Amoeba, Big Boy records fuck Cash Money at Chopper Bullets (by Muzik N General), Sporty-T interview at Twankle & Glisten (by, David "D-Funk" Faulk homepage

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