Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicken-N-Kalinka Vol. 9 [Cold 187um]

Side A
1. Above The Law - Untouchable
(Livin' Like Hustler, Ruthless, 1990)
2. Above The Law - The 'G' In Me
(Uncle Sam's Curse, Ruthless, 1994)
3. Above The Law - Deep az the Root
(Legends, Tommy Boy, 1998)
4. Above The Law - V.S.O.P.
(Black Mafia Life, Ruthless, 1992)
5. Above The Law - 100 Spokes
(Time Will Reveal, Tommy Boy, 1996)
6. Above The Law - Black Superman
(Uncle Sam's Curse, Ruthless, 1994)
7. Above The Law - 4 The Funk Of It
(Vocally Pimpin', Ruthless, 1991)
8. Above The Law - Call It What U Want (Feat Tupac)
(Black Mafia Life, Ruthless, 1992) 
9, Above The Law - Adventures of...
(Legends, Tommy Boy, 1998) 
10, Above The Law - Apocalypse Now
(Time Will Reveal, Tommy Boy, 1996) 

Side B
11. Kokane - Don't Bite The Phunk (Feat Cold 187um)
(Funk Upon A Rhyme, Ruthless, 1994)
12. H.W.A - Hoe I Am
(Az Much Ass Azz U Want EP, Ruthless, 1994)
13. Kam - Givin' It Up
(Made In America, East West America, 1995)
14. Eazy-E - Any Last Werdz ( Feat Kokane & Cold 187um)
(It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa, Ruthless, 1993)
15. Mac Mall - Opening Doors
(Untouchable, Relativity Records, 1996)
16. Tha Dogg Pound -. Just Doggin (Feat Nate Dogg)
(2002, Deathrow, 2002)
17. MC Ren - It's Like That feat J. Rocc
(The Villain In Black, Ruthless, 1996)
 18. Big Hutch - Big Hutch Revenge
(Only God Can Judge Me, Big Shot, 2011)
 19. Frost - How Many Ways Can You Lose a Body
(Smile Now, Die Later, Ruthless,1995)
20. Kokane - No Pain No Gain
(Funk Upon A Rhyme, Ruthless, 1994) 
A compilation of songs produced by Above The Law frontman Cold 187um. Willie Hutch nephew created some of the dopest g-funk tunes on Ruthless Records.

Above The Law video collection


timmy said...

ay bruh, what happened to this mix?

JB said...

Mediafire deleted all my files, but it should work now.

timmy said...

thanks! that sucks...mediafire is usually pretty good