Thursday, April 05, 2012

Chicken-N-Kalinka Vol. 8 [Project Pat]

Side A
(Crook By Da Book, 2006)
Ballers (Feat Gangsta Boo)
(Ghetty Green, 1999)
Rubberband Me
(Walkin Bank Roll - 2007)
Choose U
(Layin Da Smackdown, 2002)
Gold Teeth
(Real Recognize Real, 2009)
Dont Turn Around
(Dj Drama - Gangsta Grillz 15, 2005)
This Aint No Game
(Solo Tape, 1994)
Ooh Nuthin'
(Mista Don't Play. Everythangs Workin, 2001)
I Can Feel It (Feat Nasty Mane & T-Mac Of Corporate M.O.B.)
(Project Pat & Nasty Mane - Belly On Full, 2012)
Red Rum
(Murders and Robbers Underground, 2000)

Side B
Chicken Head (Feat La Chat & Three Six Mafia)
(Mista Don't Play. Everythangs Workin, 2001)
Ridin On Chrome
(Murders and Robbers Underground, 2000)
Gold Shine (Feat Three Six Mafia)
(Ghetty Green, 1999)
Kelly Green (Feat Juicy J)
(Loud Pack, 2011)
Gorilla Pimp (feat Namond Lumpkin)
(Mista Don't Play. Everythangs Workin, 2001)
Street Lady
(Play Me Some Pimpin, 2009)
Drive By
(Tear da club up thugs - Hypnotize Camp Posse, 2000)
(Walkin Bank Roll, 2007)
Show (Feat The Roots)
(Dj Drama - Gangsta Grillz 15, 2005)
Talkin' Smart To A Pimp (Feat Pimp C)
(What Cha Starin At Mixtape, 2007)


"See the madness in me drained out the "Cain, " what I came for.
Having mood swings kinda Koo Koo for the Cocoa.
Choppin' down the flaky chunks, so white like Irish Soap.
You didn't catch a good dream, must a had some bad Blow.
Not from me though, cause the Kid got that Whitney White.
Takin' 20 Xanax pills to bring you down off this high.
Eyeballs big and glossy, wide like on "Cough-Fee" up all night snortin' can't sleep like on coffee.
At the room with my Snow Bunny and we Blowing.
Got a girlfriend with it too, and she Going.
A school teacher balked and she just started hoeing.
Good Coke will have you hittin' broads like you Rollin'."
(Walkin Bank Roll, 2007)

Some of my favorite joints from North Memphis legend Project Pat.

Project Pat video collection

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