Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Steve - My Testimony [1999][Houston, TX]
 1. Testimony
2. Outta Control (Feat Big Mello & Mr. 3-2)
3. Mr Pappy
4. Behind Closed Dozes (Feat Big Pokey & ESG)
5. My Bitch
6. Give It To Me (Feat The Woss Ness)
7. Whatcha Got (Feat The Woss Ness, Big Hawk & C-Note)
8. Primetime Live (Feat The Woss Ness)
9. Skit
10. Body Roc (Feat Fat Pat)
11. Left To Right (Feat Joe D. Sharp)
12. Do Dat Shit (Feat. The Woss Ness)
13. Ghetto Love
14. So Far To Go
15. Livin Witness
16. Would You Forgive Me (Feat. The Woss Ness)
17. Bad Dream Last Night


Underrated release from fallen SUC soldier Big Steve aka Granpappy Mafioso. Known from Woss Ness and screw tape apperances like this (10 Deep, 95). Great features by Screwed Up Click rappers Mr 3-2, ESG, Big Pokey, Hawk, C-Note, Fat Pat and Rap-A-Lot legend Big Mello. Produced by Mista Luv from Bone Hard Production and Woss Ness. RIP Big Steve

Ghetto Love

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