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Cash Money Records
New Orleans, LA
Founder: Bryan "Birdman" Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams
(Producers: Mannie Fresh, Ro, Goldfingers, Dj Crackout, DJ Indo, Mr. Bangledesh, Jazze Pha, R. Kelly, Ill Factor, Doe Boyz, Timbaland, Kanye West Swizz Beatz, Noah "40" Shebib)

1992 - 1998 (The Independent Years)
Kilo G - The Sleepwalker [1992]
U.N.L.V. - 6th & Barrone [1993]
PxMxWx - Legalize "Pass the Weed" [1993]
B-32 - I Need a Bag of Dope [1993]
Lil' Slim - The Game Is Cold [1993]
Ms. Tee - Chillin' on tha Corner [1993]
Pimp Daddy - Still Pimpin' [1993]
Lil' Slim - Powder Shop [1994]
U.N.L.V. - Straight Out tha Gutta [1994]
PxMxWx - High Life [1994]
Mr. Ivan - 187 in a Hockey Mask [1994]
Lil' Slim - Thug'n & Pluggin' [1995]
Ms. Tee - Having Thing$!! [1995]
U.N.L.V. - Mac Melph Calio [1995]
B.G.'Z - True Story [1995]
Kilo G - The Bloody City [1995]
U.N.L.V. - Uptown for Life [1996]
Pimp Daddy - Pimp'n Ain't E-Z [1996]
Ms. Tee - Female Baller [1996]
Magnolia $horty - Monkey On The D$ck [1996]
B.G'Z - Chopper City [1996]
Juvenile - Solja Rags [1997]
B.G. - It's All On U (Vol. 1) [1997]
B.G. - It's All On U (Vol. 2) [1997]
Hot Boys - Get It How U Live! [1997]
Big Tymers - How You Luv That? (Vol. 1) [1998]

1998 - 2011 (The Major Years)Juvenile - 400 Degreez [1998]
Big Tymers - How You Luv That? (Vol. 2) [1998]
B.G. - Chopper City In The Ghetto [1999]
Hot Boys - Guerrilla Warfare [1999]
Lil Wayne - Tha Block Is Hot [1999]
Juvenile - Tha G-Code [1999]
Big Tymers - I Got That Work [2000]
Cash Money Millionaires - Baller Blockin [2000]'
B.G. - Checkmate [2000]
Lil Wayne - Lights Out [2000]
Turk - Young & Thuggin' [2001]
Cash Money Millionaires - Platinum Instrumentals [2001]
Juvenile - Project English [2001]
Mack 10 - Bang or Ball [2001]
Big Tymers - Hood Rich [2002]
Lil Wayne - 500 Degreez [2002]
Young Buck - Born to Be a Thug [2002]
Cash Money Millionaires - Undisputed [2002]
Baby - Birdman [2002]
Cash Money Millionaires - Platinum Hits (Vol. 1) [2002]
Hot Boys - Let 'Em Burn [2003]
Big Tymers - Big Money Heavyweight [2003]
Juvenile - Juve The Great [2003]
Boo & Gotti - Perfect Timing [2003]
Teena Marie - La Doña [2004]
Juvenile - The Greatest Hits [2004]
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter [2004]
Mannie Fresh - The Mind of Mannie Fresh [2004]
Birdman - Fast Money [2005]
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter II [2005]
Teena Marie - Sapphire [2006]
Birdman & Lil Wayne - Like Father, Like Son [2006]
Birdman - 5 * Stunna [2007]
Cash Money Millionaires - 10 Years Of Bling (Vol. 2) [2008]
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III [2008]
Kevin Rudolf - In The City [2008]
Drake - So Far Gone EP [2009]
Birdman - Pricele$ [2009]
Jay Sean - All or Nothing [2009]
Young Money - We Are Young Money [2009]
Lil Wayne - Rebirth [2010]
Drake - Thank Me Later [2010]
Kevin Rudolf - To the Sky [2010]
Lil Wayne - I Am Not a Human Being [2010]
Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday [2010]
DJ Khaled - We the Best Forever [2011]
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV [2011]
Glasses Malone - Beach Cruiser [2011]
Drake - Take Care [2011]

Cash Money Records compilation

Side A (The Independent Years)

1. Kilo-G - Down Mutha Fa Ya
2. B-32 - Shake That Ass Like A Shaltshaker
3. PxMxW - Boot Up Nigga
4. Lil Slim - Eagle St Bounce
5. Pimp Daddy - Got 2 Be Real 2
6. BG'Z - Start N Tha Game (feat Ms Tee)
7. Mr. Ivan - 187 In A Hockey Mask
8. Magnolia Shorty - Monkey On Da Dick
9. U.N.L.V. - Drag Em In Da River
10. Hot Boys - Neighborhood Superstar (Feat Big Tymers)

Side B (The Major Years)

1. Juvenile - Ha
2. B.G. - Bling Bling (Feat Big Tymers & Hot Boys)
3. Big Tymers - Get Ya Roll On
4. Juvenile - I Got That Fire (Feat Mannie Fresh)
5. B.G. - Hennessy and XTC (Feat Big Tymers)
6. Turk - It's In Me
7. Mannie Fresh - Real Big
8. Lil Wayne - I'm A DBoy (Feat Birdman)
9. Birdman & Lil Wayne - First Key
10. Birdman - 100 Million (Feat Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Young Jeezy)


A New Orleans based label founded by Bryan "Birdman" Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams in 1991. The label is named after Nino Bowns "Cash Money brothers" in Mario Van Peebles movie New Jack City. Cash Money started of as a local bounce label and during the independent years between 1992-1998 the roster was; Kilo-G (RIP) a local Geto Boys/Ganksta Nip influenced rapper. U.N.L.V. a bounce group from 6th & Barrone consisting of rappers Yella Boy (RIP), Tec-9 & Lil Ya. Mannie Fresh became the inhouse producer in 1993 after his first project with PxMxW (Pussy, Money & Weed) called Legalize "Pass the Weed", PxMxW (Big Man, Black Jack and Big Heavy) came from the Iberville projects. Birdman performed under the name B-32 during the early years. Lil Slim was a rapper from Hollygroove, he released 3 bounce/g-funk tapes on CMR. Ms. Tee was another early Cash Money artist and likewise her boyfriend the 9th Ward legend Pimp Daddy (RIP). Another 9th Ward rapper was the man with the hockey mask Mr. Ivan (RIP). Magnolia $horty (RIP) did a classic EP on CMR called Monkey On The D$ck. In 1995 a duo was formed called The B.G.'Z (baby gangstaz), consisting of thirteen years old Lil Doogie (B.G.) and eleven years old Gangsta D (Lil Wayne). They both would be the future of CMR with successful solo carrers and as members of the Hot Boys. Hot Boys was a group consisting of B.G., Juvenile, Lil Wayne and Turk. Juvenile was a bounce artist with some regional fame and he decided to sign with Cash Money in 1996 after he had heard the classic Big Boy/Mystikal diss Drag Em To The River by U.N.L.V. At the end of the independent era the only members left was Hot Boys and Big Tymers (Mannie Fresh & Birdman). In 1998 Cash Money caught the attention of Universal Records and signed a very lucrative deal with the major label. During the major era Cash Money would stack up hits like Bling Bling, Ha, Back That Azz Up, Big Ballin, I Need A Hot Girl and Tha Block Is Hot. These hit records would put CMR at the top of the rap game. From 1998 until present time the roster would change many times, westcoast legend Mack 10 joined the CMR family for a short period of time, so did Nashvilles Young Buck, R&B/Soul singer Teena Marie (RIP) and the Chicago duo Boo & Gotti. Between 2002-2005 B.G., Juvenile, Mannie Fresh and Turk would leave the label after financial differences. Lil Wayne's carrer skyrocketed and Birdman became one of the richest rappers in the country. Today Cash Money is one of the most successful pop/rap labels with artist like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Jay Sean, Tyga, Mystikal, Lil Wayne and Birdman.

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