Sunday, January 08, 2012

Gang Society - G's Till We Die [1995][Houston, TX]

1. Intro
2. Auto Biography
3. Game With No Rules
4. Straight Up Gangster
5. Northside (skit)
6. Understand Me
7. Weed Smokin Niggas
8. Conflict Of Society
9. Game Roulette
10. South West
11. Part Of Da Game
12. G's Till We Die
13. Sumthin Seribus Doe
14. New Order Of Slaughta
15. Half Dead
16. Weed Smokin Niggas (Screw mix)


Raw debut album by Gang Society (E-Sharp, NSane, C-Major and Red Amp) from Houston. Released on NewStyle Records in 95. R.I.P. William Joseph DeRoussell, Jr. aka NSane.

Video: South West

G's Till We Die

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