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Chicken-N-Kalinka Vol. 7 [Solar Music Group]

Side A

1. Two Eleven - Out Of The Jacket (Feat Baldhead Rick, Bo-Leggs & I.M.P.)
(Ounce Of Game, Felony Records, 1996, San Francisco, CA)
2. Young Woo - D.F.N
(Anna's Boy, Powerplay Records, 1994, Richmond, CA )
3. B-Legit - Daily Routine
(Tryin To Get A Buck, Sick Wid It, 1994, Vallejo, CA)
4. Dee Mack - Doin It My Way
(Doin It My Way, Untouchable Records, 1995, San Francisco, CA)
5. Young Rich - The Factor (Feat San Quinn)
(Gettin A Grip, Major Factor Records, 1995, Kansas City, MO)
6. Marvaless - Cant Stand The Heat (Feat C-Bo)
(Ghetto Blues, AWOL, 1994, Sacramento, CA)
7. Tha D.R.E. - Wild Child
(Still Creepin, Fa Sho Records, 1997, Milwaukee, WA)
8. JT Tha Bigga Figga - GL Interlude
(Playaz N The Game, Get Low Recordz, 1993, San Francisco, CA)
9. Deuce Bellow Cartel - Im Dieing For Mine
(True Stories, Solar Music Group, 1996, Farfield, CA)
10. Master P - Just An Everyday Thang (Feat C-Murder)
(Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me!, No Limit, 1994, Richmond, CA)

Side B

1. E-40 - Federal
(Federal, Sick Wid It, 1993, Vallejo, CA)
2. E-Mack-7 - I Need A Bird
(16 Minutes With An O.G, Solar Music Group, 1997, Milwaukee, WA)
3. Ben B Hard - Bombsack Cognac
(One Mo Time, Aural Seduction Music, 1996, Richmond, CA)
4. C-Bo - Realer Than Real
(Gas Chamber, AWOL, 1994, Sacramento, CA)
5. Get Low Playaz - Gafflin'
(Straight Out The Labb, Get Low Recordz, 1996, San Francisco, CA)
6. Ice Mone - Tha Freeza Chamba
(In Tha Freeza Chamba, Solar Music Group, 1996, Milwaukee, WA )
7. Fly Mar - Streets Of Frisco (Feat San Quinn)
(Ya Better Ask Somebody, Fly Records, 1994, San Francisco, CA)
8. The Dayton Family - Smoke for Free
(Whats on my mind?, Relativity, 1994, Flint, MI)
9. Face Forever - Rollin In My Ride
(World Of Crime, Ruff Era Records, 1996, New Orleans, LA)
10. West Coast Bad Boyz - High Fo Xmas
(High Fo Xmas, No Limit, 1994, Richmond, CA)


SMG Solar Music Group (the number one rap pushers) was a distrubution company and record label founded by E-40's uncle St Charles Thurman in Vallejo, California. SMG was the early distributor of Sick Wid It, AWOL, No Limit and Get Low. They also found a lot of great independent rap talent from places like Milwaukee, Kansas City, New Orleans and Flint. This is a compilation with some of the best rap pushed by Solar Music Group.

Bonus side (more SMG joints)

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