Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Suave House
Houston, TX

Founder: Tony Draper
(Producers: T-Mix, Jazze Pha, Slice Tee, E-A-Ski, CMT, Mr. Sche)

8Ball & MJG - Comin' Out Hard [1993]
8Ball & MJG - On The Outside Looking In [1994]
8Ball & MJG - On Top Of The World [1995]
Crime Boss - All In The Game [1995]
South Circle - Anotha Day, Anotha Balla [1995]
Mr. Mike - Wicked Wayz [1996]
Tela - Piece Of Mind [1996]
Crime Boss - Conflicts & Confusion [1997]
MJG - No More Glory [1997]
VA - Suave House (The Album Of The Year) [1997]
8Ball - Lost [1998]
8Ball & MJG - In Our Lifetime [1999]
One Gud Cide - Contradictions [1999]
VA - Of Da Chain vol 1 [2000]
Rick Ross - Rise To Power [2007]

Suave House Compilation

Side A
8 Ball & MJG - Come Out Hard
South Circle - Everyday Allday
Crime Boss - Story Goes (Feat 8 Ball)
One Gud Cide - Down Here (Feat UGK)
8Ball & MJG - Pimp In My Own Rhyme

Side B
Mr Mike - Southwest (Feat E-A-Ski)
Tela - Sho Nuff (Feat 8 Ball & MJG)
Fedz - Heat Of The Night
Crime Boss - Please Stop
8Ball & MJG - Lay It Down (Feat Crime Boss & Thorough)


Classic southern label founded by Tony Draper in Houston. 8Ball & MJG was the first act signed by Draper, they released their classic debut album "Comin Out Hard" in 93 and the masterpiece "On The Outside Looking In" the year after. During 95 & 96, Crime Boss, South Circle, Tela and 8Ball & MJG released some classic albums on the label and Suave House was on top of the independent rap game. But after a short time of succes, Tela left for Rap-A-Lot, Crime Boss formed his own record label (Crime Lab), South Circle split up and 8Ball & MJG left out of business dissagreements in 99. The label has tried to reemerged since the last release in 2000 without any real succes.
(in 2007 Draper released a record called rise to power with unreleased material from Miami rapper Rick Ross, recorded during his time with Suave House)

Suave House video collection on Tumblr

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