Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dre Dog - I Hate You With A Passion [1995][San Francisco, CA]

1. Muthafucka (Feat Cougnut of I.M.P.)
2. Situation Critical
3. Powda 4 The Hoes (Feat Black C of RBL Posse)
4. Killa Whale
5. Ike Turner (Feat Mac-10 of Totally Insane)
6. Piece Of My Mind
7. Hit It From The Back
8. Dirty Worm
9. Fillmoe
10. Killin Of The Caine
11. The Stress Factor
12. U Ain't My Folks (Feat Lo-Lo)
13. Mind Full Of Hatred
14. Straight 2 The Point
15. A Diamond


Fillmoe rapper Dre Dog now known as Andre Nickatina released this masterpiece on In-A-Minute Records in 95, this is his second album after his debut The New Jim Jones from 93. Angry cocaine rap is his signature and on this sophomore effort he perfected that style. Produced by Mark 5, T.C. & himself.

Video: Muthafucka (Feat Cougnut)[Live]
Situation Critical

Killa Whale

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