Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tombstone records
New Orleans, LA
Founder: Elton Wicker JR
(Producers: Merrill "Real Roc" Robinson, Ice Mike, Lokee, Mannie Fresh, Y.G., Uziman, DJ Tee, Elton Wicker Jr)

Da Mobstas - Tripple Beam [1994]
Cheeky Blakk - Let Me Get That Outcha [1995]
Felony - Gangsta Tail [1995]
L.O.G. - G's & Soldiers [1995]
Lokee - I Got Dis [1995]
2 Blakk - Represent For Life [1996]
Cheeky Blakk - Fuck Bein' Faitful [1996]
Lokee - Voodoo Gangsta Funk [1996]

Tombstone Records Compilation

Side A
Da Mobstas - Tripple Beam
Cheeky Black - Let Me Get That Outcha
2 Blakk - Sneak That Bitch
Felony - Boys In Blue
Lokee - Just A Fied

Side B
L.O.G. - Gravefillaz
Lokee - Weed Fiend (feat Magnolia Slim)
2 Blakk - 2nd Line Jump
Cheeky Blakk - Keep It On The Real (Street)
Da Mobstas - It Was A Sad Day


NOLA record label from the mid 90's, founded by Elton “June” Wicker Jr. They had a bunch of tight realease between 94 - 96, produced by legends like Real Roc, Mannie Fresh & Ice Mike. A good mix of Bounce & Gangsta Funk records.

Info: Read More about the label over at Amoeba.


Andrew said...

do you know if the two lokee releases on tombstone was the only stuff he released? or are is there more music?

JB said...

I haven't heard of any more releases. I think he was locked up between 1998-2008. I know he appeared on some RedRum & Untouchable releases, but no solo stuff.

Merrill ROC Robinson said...

No he did not do any other solo stuff he did stuff before tombstone he use to write for fullpack back in the days