Friday, February 25, 2011

Chicken-N-Kalinka Vol. 5 [Memphis UG Tapes]

A [Buck Side]
DJ Spanish Fly - Move muthafucka
(Im Da Nigga, 1990)
Tommy Wright III - Sewed Up
(Ashes To Ashes,Dust To Dust, Street Smart Records, 1994)
Lord Infamous - South Memphis
(Solo tape, DJ Paul Production, 1994)
Project Pat - North Memphis
(Solo tape, Juicy J Production, 1994)
Ten Wanted Men (Princess Loko) - Gangsta Bitch
(Wanted Dead Or Alive, Street Smart Records, 1995)
Dj Zirk & 2 Thick Family - Lock Em In Da Trunk
(Lookin' 4 da Chewin, 2 Thick Production, 1996)
DJ Paul - Talk Ya Ass Off
(Vol 15 - For Dem Niggas Wit Anna, DJ Paul Production, 1994)
Lil Gin - Shake Junt (Feat Skinny Pimp & DJ Paul)
(Shake Junt (Junts We Choke 2), DJ Paul Production, 1995)
DJ Sound - Ridgecrest Killaz
(Vol 10, DJ Sound Production, 1995)
DJ Squeeky - Instrumental
(Vol 6, G.S.P., 1994)

B [Devil Side]
Blackout - Chronic City
(Dreamworld, Blackout Production, 1995)
Gangsta Blac - Killaz From South Parkway (Remix)
(Breakin Da Law, DJ Paul Production, 1994)
Nigga Creep - Killaz Outta Frayser
(Demons Takin Over Me, DJ Sound Production, 1995)
Primo - Orange Mound Killaz
(Ten Toez Down, G.S.P., 1995)
Ski Mask Troopaz - Glock in my hand
(Ski Mask Troopaz, Gimi Sum Production, 1995)
Lil G.A.I.N. - Talkin Loud (Feat Lil Slim)
(B.T.P., Blackout Production, 1996)
Lil Sixx - Bloody Glock
(Devils Mind, Real Nigga Records, 1995)
MC Mack - Break Yo Kneez (95)
(Pimpin As A Mack, 1995)
Da Koopsta Knicca - Lay It Down (Feat DJ Paul, Skinny Pimp, Lil Fly & Lil Gin)
(Da Devils Playground, DJ Paul Production, 1994)
N.O.D. - Fugitives
(Niggaz Of Destruction, Street Smart Records, 1996)


A compilation of tracks from a bunch of underground tapes by M-Town legends like DJ Spanish Fly, DJ Squeeky, Blackout, DJ Paul, Juicy J, Tommy Wright III, DJ Sound & DJ Zirk.

"Ask DJ Spanish Fly to define the early Memphis sound and he'll say, "It was a wicked, 808, slow, dope groove," just like his own music. Add to that his scattergun, repetitive lyrics, heavy basslines and gangsta lean and you pretty much have a definition of early crunk. No one could claim that Spanish Fly invented the genre (he certainly doesn't), but he made a significant contribution to its formation, not least by introducing an essential track to Memphis — 'Drag Rap' by New York group The Showboys. It's from there that the triggerman beat is taken, which also became an absolute staple of New Orleans bounce."

Read the full interview with the originator DJ Spanish Fly over at The Quietus

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