Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Chicken-N-Kalinka Vol. 4 [Mob Boss Productions]

Side A
1. Celly Cel - Bailin' Thru My Hood (Feat B-Legit)
(Heat 4 Yo Azz, Sick Wid It Records, 1994, Vallejo, CA)
2. E-40 - Ballin' Out Of Control
(The Mail Man, Sick Wid It Records, 1994, Vallejo, CA)
3. C.I.N. - Mr. Nonchalant
(94 Mobsta's, Real Mob Records/SMG, 1995, Richmond, CA)
4. RBL Posse - More Game (Feat Richie Rich)
(An Eye For An Eye, Big Beat Records, 1997, San Fransisco, CA)
5. The Click - Lets Get Drunk
[Down & Dirty, Sick Wid It Records, 1992, Vallejo, CA]
6. Game Related - Do Thangz
(Soak Game, Big K Record, 1995, Vallejo, CA)
7. Messy Marv & Sann Quinn - Presidential (Feat The Network)
(Xplosive Mode, Presidential Records, 1998, San Francisco, CA)
8. B-Legit - Niggas Get They Wig Split (Feat Celly Cel & C-Bo)
(The Hemp Museum, Sick Wid It Records, 1996, Vallejo, CA)
9. Gelo - What's Goin' Down (Feat C-Bo)
(Havin it My Way,Paulstarr Enterprise, 1993, Pittsburg, CA)
10. Pizzo - So Dont Sleep
(Heaterman, Strong Island Records, 1995, Oakland, CA)

Side B
1. Spice 1 - 510, 213 (Feat. Big Syke & WC]
(The Black Bossalini (A.k.a. Dr. Bomb From Da Bay), Jive Records, 1997, Oakland, CA)
2. Ray Luv - Ride Wit Tha Luvva Man'
(Forever Hustlin',Young Black Brotha Records, 1995, Santa Rosa, CA)
3. Little Bruce - Lite Samethin
(Xxxtra Manish, Sick Wid It Records, 1994, Vallejo, CA)
4. EZSD - sometimes i wonder
(Game 2 Be Sold, Mobboss Records, 1995, Fairfield, CA)
5. Freaky Fred - Peep A Playa
(Game Check, Let The Trunk Rump Records, 1994, Fairfield, CA)
6. II FOE THA $ - Homicide
(It's Goin' Down, High Powered Records, 1996, Vallejo,CA)
7. Mac Mall- Ghetto Stardom
(Untouchable, Realtivity Records, 1996, Vallejo, CA)
8. C-Bo - Americas Nightmare
(The Autopsy, AWOL Records, 1994, Sacramento, CA)
9. Richie Rich - Do G's Get To Go To Heaven
(Seasoned Veteran, Def Jam Recordings, 1996, Oakland, CA)
10. 2pac - Can U Get Away
(Me Against The World, Jive Records, 1995, Los Angeles, CA)


A compilation of tracks produced by the the pioneers behind mob music, Mike Mosley & Sam Bostic (Mob Boss Production) from Fairfield, CA. They was behind some of the greatest records from The Bay to LA, like tupacs "Heavy in the game", "Tradin’ War Stories” & “Ain’t Hard 2 Find", E-40s "Sprinkle Me" & "Dusted ‘n’ Disgusted", TQ - Westside & C-Bo "Birds In The Kitchen" & "Bald Head Nutt". Get the story behind the music from Mike Mosley over at hiphopdx.

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