Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dazzie Dee - Where's My Receipt? [1996][Los Angeles, CA]

1. Under Da Table
2. Ain't No Busta's This Way (Featuring Ice Cube & K-Dee)
3. Knee Deep
4. The Hood Is Good - The Ghetto
5. Everybody Wants To Be A Gangsta
6. When A G Meets A G-Stress (Featuring Sqeek Da Primadonna)
7. On My Cide (Featuring Coolio & Tha Chill)
8. What's In A Name?
9. I Remember - Now I Think About It
10. West Side Hoodsta's (Featuring O.G. Mix Master Spade)
11. Sticcey Situation
12. C-Alright
13. Outro (Featuring Ice Cube)


Deep groovy g-funk by LA rapper Dazzie Dee produced by Battlecat. Where's My Receipt? was recorded in 95-96, but wasn't released until 2009 independent(he released another record "Re-Birth" 96 with a couple of changed songs).

Videos: Everybody Wants To Be A Gangster

Knee Deep

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