Thursday, March 04, 2010

D.E.A. (Dead End Alliance) - Screwed For Life [1998][Houston, TX]

1. We Aint Trippin
2. Get Up Off Yo Rump
3. It Don't Stop It Don't Quit (Feat Lil Keke & Mike D)
4. Sun Hit Da Fade (Feat Lil Keke)
5. Turnin Lane [rmx] (Feat Mr 3-2 , Lil Keke & Mike D)
6. Screwed 4 Life
7. Dead End Niggaz (Feat Lil Keke, Big Moe & Big Pokey)
8. Down In H-Town (Feat Lil Keke)
9. Full Time Playa
10. Money Money (Feat C-Note, Big Pokey & Big Moe)
11. Heart Of A Huslter (Feat Lil Keke & Mike D)
12. Better Place
13. Why U Hate N
14. 25 Lighters (Feat Big Pokey, Lil Keke & Big Moe)
15. Money And Da Power (Feat E.S.G. & Mr 3-2)
16. X-Tro


"Im sittin sideways, just got paid, holla at the day, pop trunk wave"
Fat Pat from Turnin Lane [rmx]

Straight from the Dead End neighborhood on the southside of Houston, D.E.A. (DJ Screw, Kay-K, H.A.W.K. & Fat Pat) released this classic in 98. All-star S.U.C features and some laidback funky production by D-Red(Botany Boys), Grim, Sean 'Solo' Jemison, Koldjak, Swift & Slash.

Favorite Joint: Sun Hit Da Fade (Feat Lil Keke)

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