Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wood Street Playaz - Burning-N-Turning [1997][Jackson, MS]

1. Intro
2. Living in the ghetto
3. I'm real (feat Lil J & Queen Sheeba)
4. Coming down low (feat point blank)
5. Cocaine, a world wide thang (feat Mrs J.T.)
6. Dear lord
7. Buck buck to the bang (feat Mrs J.T. & Mr Gotti)
8. We All Gotta Die (feat Gangsta Bitch, Mrs J.T. & Mr Gotti)
9. Still See My Homies Face
10. Turning-N-Burning
11. Nitti
12. Pay Your Dues (feat Lon Trigger)
13. Ghetto Love
14. Outro


Dope album by Wood Street Playaz released on Dofaself Records in 97. Southern funk and heartfelt street tales from Jackson, Mississippi.

Favorite Joint: Cocaine, a world wide thang (feat Mrs J.T.)

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