Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blakk Rane - Taking Over By Storm [1998][Memphis, TN]

1. Jack Dem Motha Fuckas
2. Thug In My Veins
3. Representin'(Street Version)
4. Ridin' Deep
5. The Come Up
6. Dirties (Street Version)
7. We Coming
8. No One Can Do It Better
9. Robbery
10. Buck You Down
11. Everyday Thangs
12. Move Yo Butt
13. Bring It On
14. Don't Forget Our Name
15. Dirties (Radio)
16. Representin' (Radio)


Great Memphis rap from the late 90s by Blakk Rane, consisting of R.O.D., Dangero & Mista Lenn. A highly slept on album released on Black Rain Entertainment, with production by Black Folk Inc.
Props to Jessus1.

Favorite Joint: The Come Up
Rating: 18/20

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