Saturday, July 11, 2009


Za Boo aka Boozilla - Full Fledged Member [1998][Denver, CO]

01. Intro (It's Goin Down)
02. Midwest Wayz (Feat. Nyke Loc & Young Doe)
03. Demanding (Feat. Killa Tay & K.J.)
04. How We Smoke
05. Deadly In The Game (Intro)
06. Deadly In The Game (Feat. Marvaless & Killa Tay)
07. Let's Kick It
08. Can't Tell Me Shit (Feat. Killa Tay)
09. Real Life (Interlude)
10. These Days (Feat. Dai Dae)
11. Ona Mission (Interlude)
12. Raid (Everybody On The Floor)
13. Sumpthin 4 Tha Club (Feat. Dez)
14. It's On On Sight
15. Midwest To Tha Westcoast (Feat. Killa Tay, K.J., Lil Ike & Young Doe)
16. I'ma Be A Dog (Feat. M.N.L.D. & Dez)
17. Mob Shit (Feat. Killa Tay)
18. Break'em In Half (Feat. M.N.L.D.)
19. Visions


Some heavy mob music by the great producer/rapper from the mile high city. He was part of the AWOL Mob sound during the late 90s, producing songs for C-Bo, Killa Tay, Marvaless, Vamp Dogg etc. This record got some of his finest beats, 17 bumpin tracks!

Favorite Joint: Midwest Wayz (Feat. Nyke Loc & Young Doe)
Video: Out tha Box TV - Legend of Boozilla
Rating: 18/20

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