Thursday, May 21, 2009


Gangsta Blac - Can It Be [1996][Memphis, TN]

1. Up and Coming (DJ Paul & Juicy J)
2. I'm Blowing Up
3. Powder
4. Gettin' Real Buck
5. Ain't no Love Feat Lord Infamous
6. Down wit S.P.V
7. My Clique so Thick
8. A Couple of Jackers Feat Gangsta Boo & Cool B
9. V-Dog and Da Gangsta Feat V-Dog
10. Where I Dwell Feat DJ Paul & Juicy J
11. Da Connect Feat DJ Paul
12. Don't Trust 'Em
13. Ain't no Thang
14. Wanna Guess
15. Can It Be
16. Critical
17. Tire Shop Feat DJ Paul
18. Life's A Bitch Feat Cool B
19. Crank this Bitch Up
20. Blaze Up Anotha One Feat Cool B
21. Up and Comin'(part 2)
22. Funkytown (Three 6 Mafia)


96 masterpiece from legendary Memphis rapper Gangsta Blac. This was released on Prophet Entertainment when he was down with Juicy J & DJ Paul. They did some of their best beats for this album, also great guest apperances by Lord Infamous and V-Dog.

Favorite Joint: Aint No Love feat Lord Infamous

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