Monday, March 16, 2009


8 Ball And MJG - On Top Of The World [1995][Memphis, TN]
  1. Intro
  2. Pimp In My Own Rhyme
  3. What Can I Do
  4. For Real
  5. Funk Mission
  6. Kick That Shit
  7. Friend Or Foe (Featuring E 40, Mac Mall, and Big Mike)
  8. Hand Of The Devil
  9. On Top Of The World
  10. What Do You See
  11. In The Line Of Duty
  12. All In My Mind
  13. Comin' Up
  14. Space Age Pimpin
  15. Break Em Off

One of the finest duos in the rap world 8Ball & MJG released this all time classic in 95. 15 hard bumpin southern funk tracks loaded with that memphis pimp mentality.

Favorite Joint: On Top Of The World
Videos: Break Em Off
Space Age Pimpin
Rating: 19/20


Anonymous said...

Fet video till break em off hehe

JB said...

Hehe yes riktigt fin, undra vad grejen är med det futuristiska temat i många av deras videos?