Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Bay Area
Mac Mall - Untouchable [1996][Vallejo, CA]

1. Intro
2. Let's Get a Telly
3. Straight Lace
4. Servin Game
5. Young Nigga
6. Dopefiends Lullaby
7. Ghetto Stardom
8. Get Right
9. Playas Wit da Choppas
10. Get Away
11. Pimp or Die feat Ray Luv & Young Lay
12. Untouchable
13. Opening Doors feat Cold 187um & Kokane
14. Playa Tip
15. Crestside feat Do Thangs
16. Outro"


This is bay legend Mac Mall´s second album released on Relativity Records in 96. The cousin to E-40 and B-Legit was on top of his game when he made this record, spitting game over some tight beats by guys like Mike Mosley, Kahryee, Cold187um and Ant Banks.

Favorite Joint: Ghetto Stardom
Videos: Lets Get A Telly & Get Right
Rating: 18/20

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