Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Bay Area

187 fac - Fac Not Fiction [1997][Oakland, CA]

1. Tha Frontline
2. Peer Pressure
3. Fac Not Fiction feat D Tha Poet
4. Tool In Tha Kut
5. Faulty Characteristics feat Ant Banks
6. All Head No Body feat B-Legit , Big Lurch , Gangsta P , Spice 1 & Vidal
7. Graphic
8. 2 Geez feat Almon D, Captain Save 'Em & Frank J
9. Man In The Mirror
10. Ride Wit Us
11. Parkin' Lot Pimpin feat Frank J
12. Fac Nic feat Almon D & Frank J
13. Paul Masson feat DJ X-Large


Rar bay classic by rappers Den Fen & G-Nut. Spice 1 was the executive producer and Ants Banks is behind some of the classic G-funk beats on this one.

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