Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rap-A-Lot Records

Geto Boys - We Cant Be Stopped [Houston, TX][1991]
1. Rebel Rap Family
2. We Can't Be Stopped
3. Homie Don't Play that
4. Another Nigger in the Morgue
5. Chuckie
6. Mind Playing Tricks on Me
7. I'm Not A Gentleman
8. Gota Let Your Nuts Hang
9. Fuck A War
10. Ain't with Being Broke
11. Quickie
12. Punk-Bitch Game
13. The Other Level
14. Trophy

Rating: 18/20


Joakim Kalcidis said...

Yo, JB!

Det var denna 12" jag menade.

Jävligt fet.

JB said...

Nice, tung skit.
Kollade new romantic bloggen, grym läsning, kul att läsa urban legends historiken.